Happy Halloween everyone!

I'm not really sure whether halloween celebrated on 30th or 31st of October. Some people said it celebrated on 30th October and some others said the otherwise. Whenever it is, happy halloween! :D
Actually there's no halloween in Indonesia. There's no costume party at college, there's no children going out looking for some candies, there's no trick or treat, there's no decoration for halloween, too bad right?
But, i just figured out (last night from twitter) there's halloween party out there! At x2, or equinox or something like that. interesting ;) perhaps i'm going to try it next year. perhaps.
Anyway, i'm just figured out about something too last night. pretty shocked, but it's okay. it's your own choice, since i don't have any right to take control of you anymore. i concern about you, i don't want you to be that way. well, i hope you read this honestly. or perhaps, your friend will let you know.
Btw it's sunday morning right now. and i'm awake and can't sleep anymore. *sighhhh*
i hate to wake too early on weekend :(

see ya ;)

a little touch from me

Wow, it's really been a looongg time i haven't write anything here :) everything supposed to be so fine for me. i broke up with my boyfriend (my ex-boyfriend for now on). we can't stand into this relationship anymore, and we can't force thing right? so here we are, in our own way. trying to figuring out the main purpose of our own life. so many dreams and plans we've made, which i know they won't realized. perhaps they will, but we're not going to realize them together ;) i'll always always pray for you and for me, for both of us, because i know God has a really good plan for us, in the separate way of course.
I'm a little bit surprised when I found this is not really hard for me. Idk why, but this is really how I felt, and i know this is not hard for you too. Maybe this is just the way it supposed to be :)
Sooo i decided to keep focused in my study, my job, my side job, my friendship, my family, my church, ALL of it. i can't even remember how was my life before. what usually i did to spend my time, funny right?hahaha. so i'm going to figure it out again, keep busy, enjoying every single second in my weekend. Gbm ;)

anyway i'm going to celebrate my birthday in about 2 weeks from now. not really excited, i don't want to get older!hahaha