catch up

Heyy, it's friday night and i looooove it so damn much! tomorrow gonna be quite a busy day, but without any plan to hangout on satnight. no problem ;)
i'm listening to taylor swift's Speak Now album. such a wonderful album and a lot of nice songs. some of them remind me of my situation, the one titled Never Grow Up reminds me of my mom since it was a song from a mom to her child. you should listen to them!
i was in a confused thought these last days. i was thinking of you, and how different you are right now. i can't deny that i miss you sometimes. but whom i miss is not really you, i miss the old you. and i should thank you because you have changed, and made this much more easier for me, because i can't find the person i missed. i was disappointed in you and how you changed. i took a pity to your mom and dad, how they concerned about you but you never realize it. i was sad when i knew your mom wished us to back together. it's impossible i knew, both of us knew. how pathetic. but anyway, i also realized i don't have any right to take care about you anymore, so whatever you did, you knew it so well, you knew the consequences, you knew the risks. all i going to do is pray for you, as always :)
And anyway i don't get it, well i got it but i'm not sure. why did you keep your anger? and dealing with it? just let it go, everything happened for a reason, just believe. i wish i could say everything i wrote here to you. but i know you too well. you, with your high pride, won't listen to me again. someone who had break your heart, even actually we break each other's heart, don't you agree?
You said i'll always special for you. but i know, it's just a simple lie. if you turn to hate me, i'll understand. i won't hate you, since you used to make me smile, since you have filled my heart for more than a year, since we have soooo many sweet memories, and since i loved you. i'll pray the best for you dear :)

oh btw i knew you'll never read this, so why did i write this post? -___- well i just want to write, maybe someday some months or even some years from now, you'll read this.

i think i'm in love


happy sunday :)

It is sunday morning, and as usual, i wake up too early. Then it's time for blogging i guess.
i'm going to tell you about my birthday. i already made a post about it, but it haven't end yet right?hahaha
so, in the afternoon, my mate came into my house with 2 pieces of strawberry cake. it reminds me on how much i loved strawberry! thanks to you my mate *huggggg*
at night, i went to Segarra resto beach with my best friends. well, actually i went to exactly the same place last year with my ex. LOL we drank and talked and had a stupid jokes. we had a really good time :) and after done with the dinner, they brought me to the beach, and well i think you can guess what they did to me. i felt so damn silly! with the flavor around my hair, and from head to toe full of i-don't-even-know what did the liquid contained -__- i took a bath at the beach, and went home with happy feelings and smelly hair. when i came home, my neighbor aka my very best friend since i was a little came into my house to share something about her bf. i listened to her while i'm opening a present from my schoolmate. then, when i opened the door for her to came home, there they are! my best friends stood in front of the door with a birthday cake :') i'm soooo surprised! hahaha
thanks to you guys, i LOVE ya! :D :D :D :D

2 pieces of strawberry cake from my mate ;)

at Segarra beach resto with bff

how pathetic, don't you agree?

after bath with the guys

the beautiful birthday cake :D

I'm officially 19 :D

Happy birthday to me! Thanks to God, for His grace and His bless through my life. It's still 11 AM right now, but i felt sooooooo much blessed and happy! :D
what i love about birthday is the birthday wishes. it's funny and quite interesting when an old friend greet me a 'happy birthday' since we haven't chat for such a really long time. and it's nice too, to know that so many people remember your birthday even you have hidden it at facebook. LOL
this day haven't end yet, but i can say it right now, I LOVE TODAY! :D
this morning, at class, i was thinking how sweet my birthday was. on my 16th birthday, my classmates gave me a surprise and a birthday cake. that was so sweet :) and at night, my best friends came into my house with another surprise and another birthday cake. so, i had 2 birthday cake on my 16th birthday. hahaha. on my 17th birthday, i went to hospital to see my ex boyfriend who was sick, and he gave me a little birthday cake and a necklace. and then i went to my friend's house, and i got another surprise and another birthday cake again!hahaha
on my 18th birthday, which is last year, i had a really good time with my ex boyfriend. he prepared a surprise for me, with all of his friends and my friends too. well this time, i got 1 birthday cake. LOL
what am i going to have today on my 19th birthday? i'm not expect anything :)