Hey, i just watched Indonesia vs Malaysia final match in AFF Suzuki Cup. and it was sucksssss! some of Malaysian supporter used laser light to hit Indonesian player so they couldn't see well. SUCK malaysia!! Indonesia lose 3-0. it's okay, we'll beat you back on 29th hey Malaysia!!
But this is not the main purpose why i choose to write today :) lately, i had crushES in two boys. the first one just so lovely, seriously, really a lovely boy. tall, handsome, quite smart, diligent, kind, religious, caring. such a perfect one, right? the other one can't be describe as a lovely boy. quite lazy, smoker, not a religious one, well actually you can describe him as a bad one. i knew exactly which one to choose, the lovely one. but for me, these 2 boys have their own interest. i'm so confused :s which one to choose? guide me, dear God :(

my very first time

Hello!! It's 12AM right now, and i just got home. Last night was my very first time go to the night club. and there's only 1 word to describe last night : AMAZING. hahaha. well i know i used to judge clubbing as a bad thing. but lately i change my mind, and i decided to try it by myself. it was my friend's 21st birthday, and we had so much fun! hahaha
at first, i never thought Tribeca would be this small, but still it full of people and smoke and drunk! i looked at the dance floor and a lil bit confused because it's just so small. me and my friend sat on the sofa and looked around. we drank coke, at first, and still looked around. then we drank coke mixed with jack daniel and we finally got lil bit tipsy. i felt like, my head just spinning around. everything just so blur, and what i want to do is just dance. such a super fun night. hahaha
i didn't captured any pic, since it's so dark in there. but you shud try ;)

Piles of presents

Gift have been part of christmas ever since the kings ɑnd shepherds brought presents for Jesus. Families ɑnd friends buy each other presents, but other people bring them too. Long ago in Turkey, there lived a bishop named Nicholas. Nicholas loved to give children presents ɑnd help the poor. He was such a good man he became St. Nicholas. Today he's known as Santa Claus or father Christmas.

A story about St Nicholas why stockings are left out :
There was once a man who had three daughters, but he was too poor to pay for their weddings. 'We'll never be married' sighed one, as she washed their stockings ɑnd hung them over the fire to dry. St Nicholas was walking by ɑnd heard her. Late that night, he dropped a shower of golden coins down the chimney. When the sisters found the gold in their stockings, they were thrilled. Their father was delighted, 'it must be a gift from St Nicholas' he smiled.

Some say that St Claus lives at the North Pole, or in Lapland, which is nearby. Every year, millions of children send him letters, saying what they'd like in their stockings for Christmas. Santa packs his bulging sack ɑnd sets off on his sleigh, pulled by nine flying reindeer.

Santa isn't the only person to bring presents at Christmas. Italian children wait for La Befana, a kind, old witch. She didn't join the kings to visit Jesus because she had to sweep her house. Now she searches for the baby every Christmas, leaving presents as she goes. In Sweden, children leave out a bowl of porridge for the Tomte, a gnome who lives under the floorboards. Children in Syria leave out hay, for the three kings' youngest camel. In the morning, the hay was vanished ɑnd presents are there instead. In Germany, children write letters to a Christmas angel called the Christkind, asking him to leave their parents under the tree. People open their presents at different times too. In Holland, the paper is torn off on St. Nicholas Day, December 6th. In Scandinavia ɑnd Germany, Christmas Eve is the big night. Then Christmas morning is free for church ɑnd visiting friends.
But in Britain, Australia, the US ɑnd many other countries, everyone has to wait for Christmas Day. For hundred of years, presents came without cards, until in 1843, an artist named John Callcot Horsley invented the first ever Christmas card. Now more than ten thousand million Christmas cards are sent every year.

Christmas Around the World - Lesley Sims

waste of time

I'm wondering, is there anyone read my blog? because i never publish it anywhere. but knowing no one knows my url blog (unless them who followed me, which only a several number), lift up my confidence to write more more and more.
It's monday morning and i supposed to hate it, but today i skip my first class, and fortunately the second class' lecturer won't be able to come, soooo i'll stay at home until noon! what a wonderful monday, right?
I'm kind of enjoying my life right now. i'm not thinking about my past anymore, and the most important thought is i didn't regret EVERYTHING happened, all the good and bad. I believe everything happened for a reason, we just haven't figure out the reasons. it will take a long time i guess, just like my friend said 'time will heal'. Don't you think so? Time really heals. Let's see several months from now, or it might take years, everything will be fine. You will look back to your past, and smile for everything, and grateful because it happened its way. :)

feel so much blessed :)

It's nearly to Christmas. I can feel the joy of Christmas everywhere, specially in my own heart. I LOVE Christmas too much!! Recently I'm listening to Josh Groban's Noel album and Celine Dion's This are Special Times album. I feel soooooo blessed, so happy, so excited aaaaaaaaaa :D
I love hanging out at mall nearly christmas,i'd love to visit all malls in Jakarta to feel the christmas, and to enjoy the decoration. too bad i haven't did any of it. but i will of course
i'm just feeling too happy i can't even write anything. see ya! :D

catch up

Heyy, it's friday night and i looooove it so damn much! tomorrow gonna be quite a busy day, but without any plan to hangout on satnight. no problem ;)
i'm listening to taylor swift's Speak Now album. such a wonderful album and a lot of nice songs. some of them remind me of my situation, the one titled Never Grow Up reminds me of my mom since it was a song from a mom to her child. you should listen to them!
i was in a confused thought these last days. i was thinking of you, and how different you are right now. i can't deny that i miss you sometimes. but whom i miss is not really you, i miss the old you. and i should thank you because you have changed, and made this much more easier for me, because i can't find the person i missed. i was disappointed in you and how you changed. i took a pity to your mom and dad, how they concerned about you but you never realize it. i was sad when i knew your mom wished us to back together. it's impossible i knew, both of us knew. how pathetic. but anyway, i also realized i don't have any right to take care about you anymore, so whatever you did, you knew it so well, you knew the consequences, you knew the risks. all i going to do is pray for you, as always :)
And anyway i don't get it, well i got it but i'm not sure. why did you keep your anger? and dealing with it? just let it go, everything happened for a reason, just believe. i wish i could say everything i wrote here to you. but i know you too well. you, with your high pride, won't listen to me again. someone who had break your heart, even actually we break each other's heart, don't you agree?
You said i'll always special for you. but i know, it's just a simple lie. if you turn to hate me, i'll understand. i won't hate you, since you used to make me smile, since you have filled my heart for more than a year, since we have soooo many sweet memories, and since i loved you. i'll pray the best for you dear :)

oh btw i knew you'll never read this, so why did i write this post? -___- well i just want to write, maybe someday some months or even some years from now, you'll read this.

i think i'm in love


happy sunday :)

It is sunday morning, and as usual, i wake up too early. Then it's time for blogging i guess.
i'm going to tell you about my birthday. i already made a post about it, but it haven't end yet right?hahaha
so, in the afternoon, my mate came into my house with 2 pieces of strawberry cake. it reminds me on how much i loved strawberry! thanks to you my mate *huggggg*
at night, i went to Segarra resto beach with my best friends. well, actually i went to exactly the same place last year with my ex. LOL we drank and talked and had a stupid jokes. we had a really good time :) and after done with the dinner, they brought me to the beach, and well i think you can guess what they did to me. i felt so damn silly! with the flavor around my hair, and from head to toe full of i-don't-even-know what did the liquid contained -__- i took a bath at the beach, and went home with happy feelings and smelly hair. when i came home, my neighbor aka my very best friend since i was a little came into my house to share something about her bf. i listened to her while i'm opening a present from my schoolmate. then, when i opened the door for her to came home, there they are! my best friends stood in front of the door with a birthday cake :') i'm soooo surprised! hahaha
thanks to you guys, i LOVE ya! :D :D :D :D

2 pieces of strawberry cake from my mate ;)

at Segarra beach resto with bff

how pathetic, don't you agree?

after bath with the guys

the beautiful birthday cake :D

I'm officially 19 :D

Happy birthday to me! Thanks to God, for His grace and His bless through my life. It's still 11 AM right now, but i felt sooooooo much blessed and happy! :D
what i love about birthday is the birthday wishes. it's funny and quite interesting when an old friend greet me a 'happy birthday' since we haven't chat for such a really long time. and it's nice too, to know that so many people remember your birthday even you have hidden it at facebook. LOL
this day haven't end yet, but i can say it right now, I LOVE TODAY! :D
this morning, at class, i was thinking how sweet my birthday was. on my 16th birthday, my classmates gave me a surprise and a birthday cake. that was so sweet :) and at night, my best friends came into my house with another surprise and another birthday cake. so, i had 2 birthday cake on my 16th birthday. hahaha. on my 17th birthday, i went to hospital to see my ex boyfriend who was sick, and he gave me a little birthday cake and a necklace. and then i went to my friend's house, and i got another surprise and another birthday cake again!hahaha
on my 18th birthday, which is last year, i had a really good time with my ex boyfriend. he prepared a surprise for me, with all of his friends and my friends too. well this time, i got 1 birthday cake. LOL
what am i going to have today on my 19th birthday? i'm not expect anything :)

Happy Halloween everyone!

I'm not really sure whether halloween celebrated on 30th or 31st of October. Some people said it celebrated on 30th October and some others said the otherwise. Whenever it is, happy halloween! :D
Actually there's no halloween in Indonesia. There's no costume party at college, there's no children going out looking for some candies, there's no trick or treat, there's no decoration for halloween, too bad right?
But, i just figured out (last night from twitter) there's halloween party out there! At x2, or equinox or something like that. interesting ;) perhaps i'm going to try it next year. perhaps.
Anyway, i'm just figured out about something too last night. pretty shocked, but it's okay. it's your own choice, since i don't have any right to take control of you anymore. i concern about you, i don't want you to be that way. well, i hope you read this honestly. or perhaps, your friend will let you know.
Btw it's sunday morning right now. and i'm awake and can't sleep anymore. *sighhhh*
i hate to wake too early on weekend :(

see ya ;)

a little touch from me

Wow, it's really been a looongg time i haven't write anything here :) everything supposed to be so fine for me. i broke up with my boyfriend (my ex-boyfriend for now on). we can't stand into this relationship anymore, and we can't force thing right? so here we are, in our own way. trying to figuring out the main purpose of our own life. so many dreams and plans we've made, which i know they won't realized. perhaps they will, but we're not going to realize them together ;) i'll always always pray for you and for me, for both of us, because i know God has a really good plan for us, in the separate way of course.
I'm a little bit surprised when I found this is not really hard for me. Idk why, but this is really how I felt, and i know this is not hard for you too. Maybe this is just the way it supposed to be :)
Sooo i decided to keep focused in my study, my job, my side job, my friendship, my family, my church, ALL of it. i can't even remember how was my life before. what usually i did to spend my time, funny right?hahaha. so i'm going to figure it out again, keep busy, enjoying every single second in my weekend. Gbm ;)

anyway i'm going to celebrate my birthday in about 2 weeks from now. not really excited, i don't want to get older!hahaha

hello :)

Hello! :) it's been a loooooong time since i haven't update my blog. i'm not really miss it honestly. i'm kind of enjoying shout almost everything in my twitter account.

now i'm on my holiday, if i could call this as a holiday since i didn't go anywhere outside this town, until september 20th. too long i guess. -___-
i already get result of the last 6 months in college. it was awesome :D i got 3,71. it's decrease from my last result, but it's okay, it still a beautiful number for me. hahaha

penerangan taraaaaaa

i'm home! gue baru aja pulang dari RHDR ato Retret Hidup Dalam Roh. yang sebenernya g ikut karena kebetulan iseng doank. tp bener" bersyukur g ikut retret ini :)
oh anyway, kali ini gue bakal SARA tentang agama gue, jadi kalo merasa males baca ato sejenisnya, feel free to click the x button :)
retret ini terdiri dari 6 session
session 1 : cinta kasih Allah
session 2 : penyelamatan
session 3 : karunia roh kudus
session 4 : pertobatan/rekonsiliasi
session 5 : pencurahan roh kudus
session 6 : pertumbuhan
kalo ditanya session mana yang paling gue suka ato yang paling berkesan, menurut gue semua bagus semua punya makna semua berkesan. hahaha. inti yang paling gue dapet dari retret ini adalah, tiap orang uda menerima roh kudus pas dibabtis, pas sakramen tobat, dan pas krisma. tp roh kudus ini biasanya diendapin di bagian bawah. di retret ini diumpamain seperti nutrisari bubuk yang dimasukin k segelas air, tapi nggak diaduk. jadi cuma ngendep di bawah, kalo diminum juga rasanya tetep tawar. nah di retret ini, gue diajak untuk bisa 'mengaduk' supaya roh kudus yang ngendep di dalam diri gue bisa show up lah istilahnya. i'm so excited. tapi juga takut tentang pencurahan roh kudus. terutama soal bahasa roh dan lain sebagainya. bahkan sebelom gue mulai, gue uda yakin banget gue gak bakalan bisa ni sampe ke bahasa roh.
dan jadi lah beneran pas pencurahan roh kudus, gue nggak dapet apa". pas didoain sih nangis, tapi uda nggak lebih. nggak merasa sensasi kaya yang diceritain pembicara" sebelomnya. hahaha. well, i thought ini gara" gue nggak bener" percaya, nggak bener" menyerahkan diri sepenuhnya, masi bingung, masi nggak biasa, bla bla bla. but so far, this is really a great one :)
dan sekarang, kaki super pegel gara" outbond kemaren. cukup bingung gimana kuliah besok :(
and anyway, proficiat buat para panitianya. great job. friendly. funny. gokil deh. hahaha


and finally i give up for this. thanks for everything dear :)

have you ever felt some kind of emptiness inside?

In memoriam

kecelakaan mobil di Menteng yg uda makan 3 korban jiwa amat sangat nyesek banget. :( banyak berita yang simpang siur yang gk tau mana bener mana salah,
  1. korban yang meninggal ada 3 : Nikita Putri, Rio Hartanto, dan Erfin Januar
  2. korban yg luka parah ada 2 : Lisya Kosasih, Nicho
  3. mobil turun dari flyover Kuningan, ke arah Menteng dgn kecepatan 120 kmph di tikungan
  4. mobil nabrak pembatas taman, nabrak pagar rumah dari besi, jungkir balik gk tau berapa kali, sampe akhirnya berhenti dgn posisi terbalik (roda di atas)
  5. Rio mental sampai ke kanopi rumah yang ditabrak, tewas seketika
see? miris banget. apalagi mereka semua masi muda", paling gede 19 tahun. :( kebayang gk sih keluarga yang ditinggalin. and terutama pacar yang dtinggalin. fyi, g sempet mampir k account fb pacarnya Nikita, and i can't stop my tears. kasian banget ngeliat status"nya, ngeliat wall"nya ke fbny Nikita. apalagi hari mereka kecelakaan itu tepat 1 tahun mereka pertama kali ketemu, dan bbrp hari lg mereka 1 taonan. :(
baru tau juga kalo Lisya itu pacarnya Rio. dan dy sekarang masi kritis baru operasi keluarin darah beku dari otak. dy masi gk tau gimana keadaan temen"nya. kebayang gk begitu dy tau dy bakalan gimana? apalagi yang meninggal juga pacarnya.
dan yang bawa mobil (Nicho) kehilangan sebelah matanya. gak kebayang gimana ceritanya bisa sampe begitu. halaman rumah yang mereka tabrak katanya juga banjir darah. OMG

keadaan terakhir Lisya

so guys, bawa mobil hati" yaa. mungkin emang kalian mikirnya pake mobil lebih aman daripada motor, tapi kalo sampe kecelakaaan parah banget kan? be careful
and i give my deepest condolence for Nikita Putri, Rio Hartanto, and Erfin Januar's family and relations. be strong and pray for them. amen

anw i'm sorry for the wrong information, since i didn't really know the fact and i got the information from other web

ramen 38 : recommended or not?

akhirnya hari ini gue nyoba jg yang namany ramen 38 di PP. awalnya excited gimana gitu lah, as usual. sebelomnya uda search" dlu di google and tanya" temen. pas nyampe, tempatnya lumayan lah, kya rumah makan pinggiran di Jepang gitu. dengan mengabaikan ini resto ada di lantai atas Pasific Place di tengah kota Jakarta.
jadi, begitu nyampe langsung dikasi menu sama mbaknya, dan gue tanya" gitu lah. maklum ya mbak, baru pertama kali makan disini ni. trus akhirnya gue pesen ramen yang pake level" gitu, kisarannya ada 1-20. kalo mesen yg levelny 11-20, bakal didokumentasiin! widihh pasti dasyat banget tu ramen. akhirnya gue pesen yang level 4, dan si pacar beralis tebal pesen ramen biasa yang gk ada pedes"nya. emang cupu ni cowo kalo soal pedes"an :p plus minumnya.
pas ramennya dateng, yaoloh gede banget yg punya gue! ternyata itu banyak di kuahnya, tp tetep aja gede banget!!! dan pdesnya minta ampun, gue yg pencinta pedes aja engep makannya. gk kebayang level 20 kya gimana. brrr. smentara punya si pacar malah manis" gimana gitu. GRRR!!
abis kita selese makan, tiba" disuguhin ager" gitu sama mbaknya. gue berdua bingung deh, ini free ato apa. kan gk lucu kalo pas makan eh bayar gitu. yauda akhirnya kita makan. ternyata gk bayar gan. emang enak banget abis makan pdes" trus makan ager" yg manis dingin :D

ini ni ramen level 4

gk ada pedes"nya

agar agar pencuci mulut :D

bonus :)

thx God

Finally kemaren KHS keluar juga. wohoooo. walopun sebenernya blom keluar, tp entah gimana bisa diakses dari url lain. jadi keburu bocor deh :)
seneng banget waktu buka KHS banyak A. tp masi ada Aplikom dapet B dan yang paling bkin kesel, Pkn dapet B-. arghhhh kesel gk seh! jangan sampe gara" ada - jadi ngulang. please please please semoga gk ngulang :(
but so far, sisanya A. bersyukur banget bisa dapet segitu walopun masi kesel soal Pkn, tp uda lumayan lah. diitung" ip jadinya 3.78 yeyyyyy :D semester depan ip harus naik, no matter what. moga" aja bisa yaa.
dan sekarang g gk bisa tidur lagi, gara" abis nganter ven" skolah. grrr. males banget kalo uda bangun pagi pasti gk bisa tidur lagi. dan nanti sore uts semester sisipan (kombis). wish me luck yaaa


awesome nite

it's not the chocolates, or the valentine's card, or your hand-made timeline which made last night so wonderful. it was the way you treat me, the way you look at me,and the way you hold me on. i don't know how did you do all of those things. but every time those beautiful brown eyes look into my eyes, i know and i realize how much you love me, how well you treat me, and how much you protect me.
i'm pretty sure, i couldn't find any other guy who may treat me that way. who could love me as you did. who could adore me as you did. thank you dear, for made last night so special. thank you for your love, for the way you treat me well.
And anyway, thx for the bouquet flowers :) it was really a midnight surprise

seven roses :)

xoxo :*

valentine's day!

Valentine's day tahun ini sama hariny kya Imlek a.k.a Chinese New Year. mungkin buat yang single mah bersorak sorai gk merasa sendiri Valentine taon ini, malah berburu angpao. hahaha. tp buat mereka *termasuk gue* yang uda taken, nyesek jg harus milih antara pacar ama angpao. buakakakaka. and finally gue milih 2"nya lah ya. malemny sempetin dinner ama si pacar. hoho
keliatanny ini valentine pertama g dgn kondisi taken. sempet lama banget mikir mau kasi apa buat si pacar ini. dan akhirny g beli ni barang" which are butuh perjuangan banyak banget buat pegi beliny!! gk banyak" banget deh. jadi gue belinya waktu gk ada kelas pas SP. dari kampus jem 9 pagi, gue uda ke CL. mpe sana bener" masi blom buka! bahh gila gelap banget, gue serasa jadi cleaning serviceny aja. yauda deh gue berdiri bengong" d depan 3second. and btw ini pertama kalinya gue pake lift di CL. hahaha. sebenerny itu uda ada shop keeperny d dalem 3 second cuma mgkn emng blom jem bukany jadi dy cuma leha" aja. grr!! setelah bengong" akhirny gue k bawah ke Hero mau jalan" aja soalny baru itu yg uda buka. hahaha. pas d Hero, gue ngeliatin coklat" disana. trus tiba" mncul ide brilian *lebai* 'kenapa gue gk beli coklatny dsini aja, ngpaen mpe k dapur coklat?* fyi, tadiny mau pegi beliny d dapur coklat. akhirny setelah menimang ini itu, beli lah sang Ferrero Rocher. hihihi.
abis beli coklat gue k atas lg sp tau 3 second uda buka. eh masi blom buka. betapa malangny gue, jadi gue duduk ke bawah, ke tempat yg di tengah" sana itu yang ada panggung, kebetulan ada tempat duduk dan duduklah gue dengan manis kya anak ilang disana. cuma bengong" ngeliatin ada sekelompok cwe foto". mumpung sepi y de? hahaha. uda jem setenga 11 akhirny gue ke atas, Gregory's cari kartu Valentine. sbelomny nyari k Gramed, aje gile masa kartu valentine doank 60rebu! gila kali cuma modal karton ama cetakan ama bling" gitu. masyaoloh! abis beli tu kartu palentin, gue mampir lg k 3 second dan alhamdulilah *tulisanny keliatan aneh* uda buka! gue samperin aja tu penjaga, g tanya 'mas baju coupleny yg mana ya?' eh dijawab 'oh baju coupleny uda gk ada' jleb jleb jleb. gue uda hopeless aja. gak tau mau cari kemana lagi ni baju couple secara uda H-2. gue ke bawah, uda bersiap" mau pulang. trus tiba" kepikiran, yaudalah beliin kemeja aja disana, siapa tau ada yang bagus. jadilah gue balik lg kesana, mungkin ini penjaga uda empet banget ngeliat gue bolak balik berapa kali. ternyata kali ini yang jaga mbak" gitu. g liat" kemeja, kaos, bla bla bla. trus tiba" iseng tanya lg 'mbak baju coupleny uda gk ada yah?' eh dijawab apa tau gk? 'baju couple di bagian depan' bahh gila! untung gue balik lg kan! dasar mas" bloon abis! maka gue menari" ke bagian depan *kiasan* dan ketemu bbrp baju couple. gue sibuk sendiri aja milih" mau yang mana, akhirny pilihan gue jatoh pada baju yg ini :

tau gk apa yg bloon? hahaha. jadi pas pertama gue ngeliat ni baju, g uda ngeh yg satu tulisanny 'one love' tp gk ngeh yg satu lg tu 'one heart'. pertama g kirany 'one he art' apaan tuh maksudnya. tp krna g dmen designny, yauda beli" aja. kemaren malem baru ngeh maksudny itu 'one heart'. hahaha. so silly!
abis dibeli, berakhirlah sudah perjuangan berburu kado valentine buat si pacar. hope u'll like them! :*

kartu valentine mirip yg d baju couple

the chocolates

seven months!

Finally! seven months have we passed togather :) seneng banget uda sejauh ini sama kamu. banyak banget banget banget yg sama" kita rasain yaa. seneng sedih sakit jealous kecewa. smuanya simply felt to built us better than before. setiap kali berantem"nya kita, setiap kali km cuekin aku ato aku cuekin km, pasti ada artinya. iya kan? hahaha
gara" baca blog kamu itu *maap ni jadi ngakak lagi* aku jadi inget banget kronologis dari kita kenal mpe kamu nembak mpe akhirnya jadian! wihiiiiii :D lucu banget kalo diinget" lagi. aku cuek banget ke kamu dlu. aku juga inget dlu mah bales sms kamu kalo lagi mood aja. kalo lg bosen gk ada tmen baru sms kamu. parah yee. hahaha. it's funny how it changed in 19 months. 19 bulan kamu pdkt *kalo kata kamu,aku c gk nyadar segitu lamanya* akhirny berbuah juga ya. hahaha
hari ini kita k pim mau mkan sushi tei yg pada akhirny waiting list sampe banyak banget!!! serius BANYAK BANGET masi mesti nunggu sekitar 12an list gitu. akhirny malah makan d sushigroove.berhubung kita berdua baru pertamax makan sushi, kita asal pesen aja. dan astafiruloh banget itu sushi kok rasanya aneh banget. yang aku mau makan cuma takoyaki doank. dan sisany aku paksa kamu yg makan. hahahahaha

chicken udon

flying fish roll

egg roll

my lovely takoyaki

with love,

bunny :*


kesel teramat sangat gara" ujian APLIKOM!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa masa bahan yg kuar di essayny 70% g gk perna belajarin. saddddd :'( takut banget gk lulus mata kuliah yg ini. lulus buat g tuh harus B, kalo gk g ngulang. huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa T___T
anyway, ask me anything yahh disini :) here is one of my fave. masi dari yg d TMII and masi sama pacar yg sama. hihihi

lately story

akhirny bisa buka blog lg setelah sekian lama hidup kesepian tanpa internet. grr!!
jadi yg mau g share tu waktu minggu" lalu ke TMII. noraks yah. hahaha. mungkin buat kita" skrg, gk jaman banget kesana. but somehow, it was a great place!! my favorite spot is Museum Transportasi. walaupun kalo masuk kesana n bawa kamera SLR harus kena cas lg 100rb. tp worth it bgt buat yang mau foto". recommended. :) disana ada banyak kereta" tua yang uda jaminan mutu gk bakal bisa gerak lg. hahaha. here are some of the photos

Fanny, me, Dea, Linlin

bf and me :)

So, recommended banget buat yang mau foto" outdoor disini. banyak objek yang bagus, bukan cuma di museum transportasi. and anw VJ Cathy jg perna foto dsini :)


harusny sih besok ya ngepost ini. tp whatever lah ya. tinggal beberapa jem menuju friday. :)
seneng banget banget besok uda weekend (lagi) mengingat weekend kemaren kurang berasa. tau" uda senen lagi. anyway weekend yg dimaksud disini bukan weekend buat jalan", tp weekend buat istirahat. hahaha. sok alim banget ya g. tp sumpa beneran banget mengingat seminggu ini kyany cepet banget lewatnya. ralat : bukan cuma seminggu ini, tapi sejak awal 2010. hahahaha. ya iya lah secara sekarang g uda jadi cici guru *mengutip kata seseorang* alias jadi guru les. anak sd sih, masi cemen" gitu. smoga awet dan betah dan tahan lama dan tahan banting dan tahan cape ya. amin!!
btw thanks a lot for blog presentation by aplikom. kalo gk demi presentasi itu, g gk bakalan ngedandanin ini blog mpe serapi sekarang. yang ada malah ditelantarkan. sekarang karena uda cakep dan apik dan cantik, saya jadi semangat ngeblog lagi. hwahahahha. semoga semangat yang tahan lama yah. aminnnn
happy comingsoonweekend everybody!


Have you ever feel this way?

when you expect too much? when you wish for something and it didn't happen? when you waiting for some 'magical' words then it would never heard? i did. and it really really weird. hahaha

it feels like you run for 100 km/h and you suddenly have to stop it. then face the truth. well this is my favorite one : face the truth
when others can stand their way, and we have to stand our own way. when others have and we haven't. when others smile and laugh and happy for their life, and we envy them.
we all know life's never simple never easy. but sometimes for some people, life just so easy. life just so fun. life just so enjoyable. what about me? what did i have? lol

i LOVE cheese cake factory

Sebelumnya saya memohon maaf atas kenorakan saya yang luar biasa ini. padahal ini cheese cake factory uda dari lama tampakny berdiri di Tomang, tapi baru saya icipicip minggu kemaren.
Soooooo, sumpa g jatoh cinta jatoh ati jatoh badan banget banget ama ni tempat. mulai dari makanannya, specially chocolate delight, sampe ke tempatnya. super RECOMMENDED banget!!!
harganya juga gk sadis" banget. kemaren itu, makan 2 slice cake, 2 hot milk, plus 1 regular bbq chicken pizza tu sekitar 100rb++ lumayan toh? hihihi.
yang paling menarik hati ogud tuh tempatny. homie banget, interiorny juga bagus. di lantai 2 ada sederetan koleksi wine. maap sotoy tapi tampaknya itu wine ato sejenisnya d. coba kalo gk rame, mau banget foto" disana. cuma berhubung lg rame dan cuma berdua ama cowo ogud, kan tengsin. hahahaha.
wcny juga bersih, nice lah ya. pelayananny jg super top. banyak pelayan yg stand by jadi gk usa nunggu pelayanny lewat. lokasiny juga strategis c, di tomang sebrang sate khas senayan itu loh.
karena pas cakeny dateng g uda keburu napsuan, jadi gk sempet difoto deh. tp setelah dicari, ketemu jg fotonya..

superdelicious chocolate delight

BBQ Chicken Pizza yg bikin kenyang walopun bagi berdua

Untuk BBQ Chicken Pizzany juga recommended nih. kenyang banget padahal bagi berdua. hihihi. anw yg ini sempet difoto soalny kga napsu" banget uda eneg abis makan chocolate delight :p
So, patut dicoba nih makan dsini. ada webny juga Cheese Cake Factory

p.s : both of us have decided to spend our valentine's day here! :)