simply hello

i just read my previous posts. it was only 2 months ago, but i can tell you there are a lot of things happened in those 2 months. about my relationship : a fact, which i should have known from the very first time, the risk i chose to take, that someday we will end this up. sooner or later. all we have to do is just enjoy every single moment left before the time's coming. and another problem about my relationship was a new 'thing' i never experienced before. i'd better not to post it here though and keep it for myself ;)
another news was about me being a leader. i can't tell you how it feels when it came to the end. when i think FINALLY THIS IS OVER! too much disappointment, too much emotion, i'm just too tired.

and by the way, those aren't the reason why i post tonight. it was about a book i'm currently reading. i've been looking for this book for such a long time, and to my surprise Gramedia discounted it 70% off! can you imagine how excited i was?! it costs IDR 240000 before and IDR 70000 after the discount *bellydance* so i bought it as soon as possible at Gramedia Mall Taman Anggrek. it titled Handle With Care by Jodi Picoult. this is seriously one of touching books i adored so much. i won't hesitate to looking for another books of Jodi Picoult next time.
This book was about a woman named Charlotte who has a daughter suffered Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI), a rare bone disease. she was very fragile, a simple slipped could break her bones, even a sneeze too. Charlotte has to take a very very good care of Willow (her daughter) and sacrifice a lot of things, her first daughter, people's opinion, even her friendship. as usual, Jodi Picoult shows detail of the medical and law in her books, i found this as her speciality since her another book 'My Sister's Keeper' was also in the same genre. i seriously recommended this book. definitely one of my favorite! ;)

and here's the picture of the book :

Title : Handle with Care
Author : Jodi Picoult
Publisher : Hodder & Stoghton (UK)