breaking news

I just read my last post, it's about a month later. and i have to tell you, there are soooo many things happened in a month. the first thing is i had a week of holiday in Bali, seriously it was fun and i'd love to visit Bali again ANYTIME! such a beautiful and full of cultures island, and you should have a culinary trip there. I have some recommended places to go, note this!
  1. Babi Guling Bu Oka, at Ubud
  2. Naughty Nuri's Spare Ribs, at Ubud
  3. Bridges Bali, at Ubud
  4. Ultimo Italian Restaurant, at Seminyak
  5. Ku De Ta, at Seminyak
  6. last but not least, Bamboo Corner at Poppies Lane :p
honestly there are so many things i'd love to write about my trip in Bali, but i'm not in a mood and i didn't have any photo to be posted. i will, soon ;)
the second thing happened is, me and mr lovely officially in a relationship. this is such a long story to told. he gave me a teddy bear at midnight feb 14th. with the notes written there 'would you be my valentine?' in french. that's soooo sweet! i'm so speechless since no one ever treat me that sweet. he's just too lovely right? i knew i'm afraid about many things through this relationship, but both of us decided to go on with this decision, supporting each other, loving each other. i also knew he's a super busy man, and with him, there's no saturday night to spend together. never mind, i'll take the risk :)
the third thing is, i finally got the result of my last 6 months' study. i got 3.56 this semester and 3.725 at all. not bad, i even think this is quite good for me. thanks God :) i really need Your guidance for the next years above in my study. Amen!
i'm feeling so good at all. i really should thanks God for everything happened, the good and the bad, specially the bad things happened in the past. i found out, that everything really out of our control. it's all about His way for us, the only human. everything will be right in the end, beautifully. i love you dear God o:)

p.s: i love you anw