Hey, i just watched Indonesia vs Malaysia final match in AFF Suzuki Cup. and it was sucksssss! some of Malaysian supporter used laser light to hit Indonesian player so they couldn't see well. SUCK malaysia!! Indonesia lose 3-0. it's okay, we'll beat you back on 29th hey Malaysia!!
But this is not the main purpose why i choose to write today :) lately, i had crushES in two boys. the first one just so lovely, seriously, really a lovely boy. tall, handsome, quite smart, diligent, kind, religious, caring. such a perfect one, right? the other one can't be describe as a lovely boy. quite lazy, smoker, not a religious one, well actually you can describe him as a bad one. i knew exactly which one to choose, the lovely one. but for me, these 2 boys have their own interest. i'm so confused :s which one to choose? guide me, dear God :(

my very first time

Hello!! It's 12AM right now, and i just got home. Last night was my very first time go to the night club. and there's only 1 word to describe last night : AMAZING. hahaha. well i know i used to judge clubbing as a bad thing. but lately i change my mind, and i decided to try it by myself. it was my friend's 21st birthday, and we had so much fun! hahaha
at first, i never thought Tribeca would be this small, but still it full of people and smoke and drunk! i looked at the dance floor and a lil bit confused because it's just so small. me and my friend sat on the sofa and looked around. we drank coke, at first, and still looked around. then we drank coke mixed with jack daniel and we finally got lil bit tipsy. i felt like, my head just spinning around. everything just so blur, and what i want to do is just dance. such a super fun night. hahaha
i didn't captured any pic, since it's so dark in there. but you shud try ;)

Piles of presents

Gift have been part of christmas ever since the kings ɑnd shepherds brought presents for Jesus. Families ɑnd friends buy each other presents, but other people bring them too. Long ago in Turkey, there lived a bishop named Nicholas. Nicholas loved to give children presents ɑnd help the poor. He was such a good man he became St. Nicholas. Today he's known as Santa Claus or father Christmas.

A story about St Nicholas why stockings are left out :
There was once a man who had three daughters, but he was too poor to pay for their weddings. 'We'll never be married' sighed one, as she washed their stockings ɑnd hung them over the fire to dry. St Nicholas was walking by ɑnd heard her. Late that night, he dropped a shower of golden coins down the chimney. When the sisters found the gold in their stockings, they were thrilled. Their father was delighted, 'it must be a gift from St Nicholas' he smiled.

Some say that St Claus lives at the North Pole, or in Lapland, which is nearby. Every year, millions of children send him letters, saying what they'd like in their stockings for Christmas. Santa packs his bulging sack ɑnd sets off on his sleigh, pulled by nine flying reindeer.

Santa isn't the only person to bring presents at Christmas. Italian children wait for La Befana, a kind, old witch. She didn't join the kings to visit Jesus because she had to sweep her house. Now she searches for the baby every Christmas, leaving presents as she goes. In Sweden, children leave out a bowl of porridge for the Tomte, a gnome who lives under the floorboards. Children in Syria leave out hay, for the three kings' youngest camel. In the morning, the hay was vanished ɑnd presents are there instead. In Germany, children write letters to a Christmas angel called the Christkind, asking him to leave their parents under the tree. People open their presents at different times too. In Holland, the paper is torn off on St. Nicholas Day, December 6th. In Scandinavia ɑnd Germany, Christmas Eve is the big night. Then Christmas morning is free for church ɑnd visiting friends.
But in Britain, Australia, the US ɑnd many other countries, everyone has to wait for Christmas Day. For hundred of years, presents came without cards, until in 1843, an artist named John Callcot Horsley invented the first ever Christmas card. Now more than ten thousand million Christmas cards are sent every year.

Christmas Around the World - Lesley Sims

waste of time

I'm wondering, is there anyone read my blog? because i never publish it anywhere. but knowing no one knows my url blog (unless them who followed me, which only a several number), lift up my confidence to write more more and more.
It's monday morning and i supposed to hate it, but today i skip my first class, and fortunately the second class' lecturer won't be able to come, soooo i'll stay at home until noon! what a wonderful monday, right?
I'm kind of enjoying my life right now. i'm not thinking about my past anymore, and the most important thought is i didn't regret EVERYTHING happened, all the good and bad. I believe everything happened for a reason, we just haven't figure out the reasons. it will take a long time i guess, just like my friend said 'time will heal'. Don't you think so? Time really heals. Let's see several months from now, or it might take years, everything will be fine. You will look back to your past, and smile for everything, and grateful because it happened its way. :)

feel so much blessed :)

It's nearly to Christmas. I can feel the joy of Christmas everywhere, specially in my own heart. I LOVE Christmas too much!! Recently I'm listening to Josh Groban's Noel album and Celine Dion's This are Special Times album. I feel soooooo blessed, so happy, so excited aaaaaaaaaa :D
I love hanging out at mall nearly christmas,i'd love to visit all malls in Jakarta to feel the christmas, and to enjoy the decoration. too bad i haven't did any of it. but i will of course
i'm just feeling too happy i can't even write anything. see ya! :D