FREEDOM (soon)

I just got home after Managerial Finance final exam. i feel sooooo happy yeayyy! tomorrow is my last exam before super long HOLYday! excited excited :)
last night i feel so, numbed. seriously. i just found out a little surprising fact. i can't deny that i'm not really fine for now. but i really grateful that i haven't choose you yet. i almost actually. but it's over. you quit, and i'm done, and we're done. thanks to God that i didn't give you my all.
But anyway, i miss your presence. i will handle this, i really do. i just find out, that everything that supposed to be together will be together in the end. just let it be. let me flow with the wind. i'm totally curious about you hey mr.lovely. i'm dying to know what's your plan, what's your next step, WHEN's your next step. i'm just sure about you, but i'm not sure about us. there are too much differences, too far distance, i'm afraid for many things. i don't want these things going up too fast. slowly but sure.
i'm sorry anw, these are just some random thoughts. i never assume anyone to read this, because i didn't public my blog's url. see ya soon!

Sym sym sym W

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